BMD Certificates

In response to the knowledge of the negative effects of established food production methods, the demand for organically produced food is constantly increasing. Data on the harmfulness of pesticides and the fact that artificial fertilizers may contain radioactive substances have accelerated a new way of production that avoids these dangers. Organic production without the use of insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and artificial fertilizers, growth regulators, hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms is the ultimate choice of every nation that prioritizes health.

Wild plant and animal species (i.e. plant species and their parts, fungi etc.) are collected, as organic products, from their natural habitats.

Collection of wild species from natural habitats is considered a method of organic production if several conditions are met: 1) if a protection zone is established next to roads or other sources of pollution, 2) if the collection of wild species is done without the use of tools and accessories that can damage them 3) if in collection of wild species collectors take extra care of endemic, endangered and unprotected plant and animal species 4) if the storage and transport of wild species is carried out in accordance with a special regulation on packaging, storage and transport of organic products.

IFS organic certificate
Bio cs organic certificate