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Dried Organic Porcini Mushroom

The dried organic porcini mushrooms found in this bag were collected in the cleanest areas of Arilje, Ivanjica, Požega and Čačak, carefully selected, cut and sundried. It is classified in our processing (there are 6 classes of porcini mushrooms) and this bag contains Certified First Class of naturally dried organic porcini mushrooms.

Organic product

Dried Organic Porcini Mushroom


Porcini (Boletus) is the most prized mushroom in Europe. Porcini is extremely rich in vitamins B12, B1, B2, B3, B5, C, D, in minerals – K, Fe, Zn, Se, Cu, Ca and beta-glucan. It is especially recommended in vegetarian and vegan diets because it contains more protein than any other type of vegetable; it is a low-calorie product, and it has a similar composition as proteins of animal origin.

Dried Organic Porcini Mushroom

Nutrition Value

Nutrition Value per 100gr
Caloric value 1288 [kJ]
Caloric value 307 [kcal]
Fats 5,3 [g]
Fatty acids 0,59 [g]
Carbohydrates 24,7 [g]
Sugars 2,53 [g]
Albumen 28,4 [g]
Salt 0,07 [g]

Dried Organic Porcini Mushroom


Porcini (Boletus) carries the glory of all mushrooms. When you think of something tasty and delicious, you think of porcini. Porcini lives on both higher and lower terrains and regions and it is widespread in comparison to other mushroom types. Deciduous and coniferous forests and meadows are the natural habitat of Porcini Mushroom, while their way of life is symbiosis. Their growth time ranges from 5-11 months and a single mushroom can weight over 3kg. Porcini tends to change the color of the hat in relation to the place where it grows, but the basic shade is brownish-red and ocher while they get pale towards the rim. Their tubes are white in youth and yellow to olive-green in old age. The handle is thick, full, with a typical mesh in the upper part.